Performing the Law


Sharpen your performance as an attorney through theatre skills

No prior acting experience or acting talent is necessary.

  • litigating
  • negotiating
  • mediating
  • meeting with clients and other attorneys
PERFORMING THE LAW© gives you the tools to develop your own best lawyering skills.

PERFORMING THE LAW© training is different. Law school and most other legal training educate the left brain. PERFORMING THE LAW© focuses on the right brain. This training is physical and participatory. You learn how to enter the state of flow or creative state. From there you learn to perform at the top of your game.


PERFORMING THE LAW will teach you to
  1. present yourself to colleagues, clients, the court and juries the way you want to be seen
  2. sharpen concentration and focus
  3. observe and read others’ body language, vital in the courtroom, boardroom or office
  4. listen closely and precisely, especially important in mediation, negotiation, meetings with clients, court
  5. see multiple sides of an issue – gain empathy, especially important in mediation
  6. improve memorizing skill for negotiation and transactional work, opening statements and closing arguments
  7. eliminate the “talking head” syndrome and develop body movement and bearing that assert your strength in the courtroom or boardroom
  8. project, color, vary your voice to gain and sustain attention
  9. articulate clearly
  10. think imaginatively and at lightning speed, in cross-examination, mediation, negotiations
  11. control and reduce state fright, important in negotiations as well as in court
  12. separate your professional persona and your personal life